The Invitations

Did you ever notice how many invitations there are in the Christmas story?

Caesar Augustus “invited” Joseph to Bethlehem, the angel invited the shepherds to visit the stable and the new-born Savior and Herod invited the Magi to come back to the palace after they had located the Christ child.

The first was an invitation that couldn’t be refused, the second was an invitation that couldn’t be missed and the third was an invitation that couldn’t be answered. Each invitation was a part of God’s plan to bring salvation to the world.

Throughout his life, Jesus continued to invite. He invited the disciples to be fishers of men, he invited Zacchaeus to come down from the tree, he invited the weary to come to him, and he invited Thomas to touch his wounds – just to name a few.

The invitations of Jesus continue. He invites each of us to follow him. It’s an invitation we’re allowed to refuse but it’s an invitation we shouldn’t miss. Following him may not always be easy but he helps us along the way. The reward is real and we’ll be blessed beyond what we can understand or imagine – both in this life and in eternity.


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