Do You Have Enough Faith To Be Nice?

I’ve been reading about the life of Abraham in my morning quiet time.  Sometimes he’s so human that I identify greatly with him.  And sometimes his faith is so amazing that I’m in awe of him.  For instance, when grazing land became scarce because he and his nephew Lot had so many animals that it was creating tension in the tents, Abraham took the bull by the horns (so to speak.)  He had every right as the patriarch of the family to tell Lot where he and his animals and his cranky herdsmen could go.  But instead he graciously gave Lot first choice and wasn’t annoyed when Lot chose the lush valley of the Jordan and left him the less fertile hill country.

I think that would have bothered me.  I would have been thinking, “After all I’ve done for him…how selfish!”  But Abraham believed God when He told him all the land was going to be his someday and he didn’t mind letting Lot use some of it for a while.  He knew that people are more important than possessions.  Relationships are more valuable than resources.  Earthly things don’t matter as much as eternal things.

Lord, help me to see the long view.  Remind me what really matters in the light of eternity.  Help me to give as much grace to others as you have given me.


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