A Spiritual Colonoscopy

Dianne profile pictureI had a colonoscopy last week.  I’ll spare you the personal details.  The fact that I’m telling you I had one is personal enough.  But as I lay there on the table in my drafty hospital gown waiting for the doctor to put a camera up my butt, I had a divine thought.  (Doesn’t God speak at the oddest times?)  I got to thinking how great it would be if there were spiritual colonoscopies.

If you’ve never experienced one of these tests, let me explain what is required.  A week before the test you must refrain from eating certain foods – foods I like and foods I want to eat.  Then the day before the test you’re only allowed liquids, no solid food.  I make lots of jello because it makes me feel like I’m eating solid food.  It’s hard to deny myself even when I know it’s for my own good.  Then around supper time you start drinking the medicine that prepares you for the test.  I’d swear it’s Liquid Plumber but I’m sure Liquid Plumber tastes better.  Then for the rest of the evening you’re REALLY busy.  And you pray you don’t have to sneeze or cough.  Going to bed is a gamble.  And then early the next morning you go through the same process because you must be very clean on the inside if the doctor is going to be able to effectively do his work.

I think I might be a better Christian if there were a spiritual equivalent.  If I knew when one of life’s tests was coming I could be better prepared.  I could deny myself the things I like but aren’t beneficial to my spiritual health.  I’d put up with the unpleasant things that God prescribes without complaining because I’d be focused on the fact that it’s only temporary and it’s for my own good.  I’d be willing to do whatever it takes to internally cleanse myself so God can effectively do his work in me.  I’d be willing to sacrifice my preferences for a better future.

Ready or not, the tests will come.  And if we haven’t prepared ourselves the results won’t be good.  The Great Physician can’t help us if we don’t follow His directions.  And since we don’t know when a test is coming, I think we’d be smart to just stay prepped.  That’s the way to get the best “end” result!


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