About Jim and Dianne

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Jim and Dianne have been married since 1981 and live in southwestern Pennsylvania about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh.  Dianne is a native and Jim is a transplant from Colorado.  Jim is retired after working for Westinghouse in the nuclear energy field for almost 40 years.  Dianne is a caregiver and homemaker.  They both have been involved in Christian service all of their lives.

Jim and Dianne love working together.  They are currently leading a small group Bible study at the Hempfield Church of Christ in Greensburg called “Family Matters.”  The subject matter deals with marriage and parenting issues.  They also play guitar and lead worship.  Jim is an elder and teaches an adult Sunday School class.  Dianne leads worship and teaches in children’s church – a job she has held for over 40 years.  She also heads up the women’s ministry at the church.

They hope what they share in their blog will give you hope, inspire you, make you think and maybe make you laugh a little.  Join them in the journey toward heaven.