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Jim Gresham’s “It’s Suppertime” is a thought provoking and Biblically based collection of communion meditations that approach the observance of the Lord’s Supper from many perspectives. His use of both current and historical events on which to hang many of the themes for the weekly devotionals captures the interest of the reader or listener, as the case may be. It is obvious that his personal devotion comes through in this short book of communion devotions. I believe that it can be a ready aid to church leaders who need some help in preparing their own communion meditations.  — Dr. David Eubanks, President Emeritus, Johnson University

Jim Gresham’s collection of Communion Meditations is focused and inspirational. It is focused on the importance of the moment when believers come in contact with the very elements that so aptly depict the sacrifice of Jesus. It is inspirational as the author, through story, illustration, and example, touches the heart and challenges the mind to understand more deeply the significance of sharing this moment with God and others. The reader of these Meditations will be blessed. Those that lead a congregation during the Lord’s Supper will be doubly blessed as they will be further equipped to share these cogent thoughts with those who have gathered together to remember the Lord’s death until He comes.  — Larry Carter, President, Great Lakes Christian College

Although communion can become a common and ordinary ritual for some, it is actually one of the most powerful demonstrations of love in the Christian life.  Pulling from his own personal journey, Jim Gresham shines the light on many different facets of the Lord’s Supper. Each of his 52 meditations contains an insight that shows how communion is anything but “common” or “ordinary”. ​ —  E. R. Hertzog, Vice President, Mountain Mission School, Grundy, VA

Knowing Jim Gresham for decades as a great friend and elder at my home church, he inspires me as an earnest follower of Jesus.  I’ve always been warmed by both his persistent faith and sly humor.  Reading these communion meditations displays Gresham’s genius as a nuclear engineer, couched in the every-man sensibility of a Colorado farm boy.  I smiled as I read them.  It’s a must-have for anyone leading the Lord’s Supper on a regular basis! — Tim Jones, BLOC Ministries, Cincinnati, OH

“During my fifty years of ministry in the local church, I have taught what I call the ABC‘s of an Effective Communion Meditation.   They are Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.  Accuracy in that it does not add to or take away from the essence of what Scripture says.  Brevity in that it does not call more attention to itself than necessary.  Clarity in that what is being said is easily understood and does not distract the listeners from focusing on the Lord and His sacrifice for them.   In my opinion, the meditations in this book consistently meet and exceed these criteria.  For that reason, I would heartily recommend their use by anyone presiding at the Lord’s Table.  I think they would also be very helpful to anyone wishing to prepare themselves prior to participating in the Lord’s Supper.  I commend Jim for the exceptional work he has done on this book, and also for being the excellent example he has been as a shepherd over the flock of God.” —  Bill Pullin, Retired Minister 

Jim Gresham’s “It’s Suppertime” uses the Lord’s Supper devotional thoughts to ignite our imaginations toward God – like a vehicle’s axle transmits power-to-tread providing constant traction to propel us forward.  One by one these devotionals piece the mystery of The Christ’s Supper into a harmonious portrait of His sacrificial love.  This book is an amazing journey through thoughts and scriptures – revealing the steadfastness of God’s purpose to redeem His faithful ones.  — Dick Morris, Associate Minister at Boone’s Creek Christian Church, Johnson City, TN

“Quite frequently we find the words spoken leading up to communion to be repetitive or lacking creative thought. “It’s Suppertime” was written to help focus your thoughts and offer ideas that will promote a reflective time of self-evaluation as we prepare for the Lord’s Supper. Jim Gresham’s meditations will serve as nourishment for the hungering soul. Enjoy and be prepared to be blessed.” — Steve Fair, Senior Adult Minister, Bethany Christian Church, Anderson, IN

I met Jim Gresham many years ago when we served together at the Hempfield Church of Christ in Greensburg, PA.  I have always known him to be a fine man of God and very faithful to His word.  “It’s Suppertime” is a very valuable asset to anyone who needs encouragement to utilize the Lord’s Supper for its intended purpose.  The thoughts Jim presents here have been very useful to me in my own personal devotions. — David R. Kalb, Missionary to Ghana, West Africa